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2015 was a banner year for OpenView. We welcomed new companies into the OpenView family and saw others successfully exit through IPOs and acquisitions. The team has grown tremendously and we’re on pace for a fantastic 2016. But, at the core of it all, we’re still focused on what matters most — delivering unmatched value-added services to our companies.


– Scott Maxwell, Founder & Managing Partner

“We welcomed new companies into the OpenView family…



#1 Leasing Platform in Commercial Real Estate


Expense Reports that Don't Suck

…and saw others exit through IPOs and acquisitions.”


Instructure Goes Public


Barracuda Acquires Intronis

“Through it all, we focused on what matters most…

Portfolio Support Employees
Go-to-Market Projects Completed
New Portfolio Hires
Portfolio Forums & Events

…delivering unmatched value-added services.”

40% Increase in ARPU

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“Our pricing plan was too complex, there were 16 to 24 permutations. It was just too confusing for the sales team, customers and everyone involved. Based on OpenView’s findings, we were able to simplify our pricing and discounting options, making it easier for customers to navigate and select the best options.”


– Rod Feuer, Signpost
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8X Increase in Enterprise Sales Leads

“You almost expect the traditional consultant approach where someone comes in and shoves a prescriptive, generic methodology down your throat. OpenView has a completely different approach. Their style made us feel like we were one big team working together toward a collective goal.”


– Matt Hadreas, Skytap
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Meet the New Faces at OpenView

Rufus King
Chief Legal Officer
Jim Baum
Venture Partner
Kyle Lacy
Head of Marketing Strategy
Andria Hoflen
Senior Accountant
Allie LeTourneau
Senior Accountant
Kelsey Heavey
Casey Renner
Experience Manager
Gail Axelrod
Communications Manager
Michael Silinonte
Junior Sales Strategist
John McCullough
Director of Business & Corporate Development

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